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Danakosha Aid is a non-profit aid programme that supports communities living in Himalayan region.


  • Danakosha Aid is a non-profit aid programme. It supports communities in Himalayan region as the charitable branch of the Tibetan Buddhist community Danakosha Finland.

  • We promote education, protection of the environment and empowering communities living in Himalayan area.

  • Currently our programme focuses fundraising for primary education of children and youth.

  • Our project is run by volunteer work. The aid goes directly to destination without intermediaries.

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Our activity in pictures:

picture of dorm picture of dorm picture of dorm picture of dorm


Danakosha Aid's activities are open for all. There are many ways to participate, so you can find something that suits you the most. All help is important and most welcome! Read

  • Making a donation is the fastest and the most direct way to help.
  • By becoming a community sponsor you can
  • By participating to the Day's Work your school class can learn about lifestyle and culture of Himalayan communities.
  • In Nomad Aid concert funds are collected with the power of music.
  • Year calendar is a great present for a friend, business partner or you neighbour.
  • Restaurant Day is a fine opportunity to get a taste of authentic Tibetan cuisine and atmosphere.


Tibetan boys

Sponsor a child in a unique project with Danakosha Aid!

Community sponsorship will improve children’s possibilities to attend school. This means that the children’s accommodation, meals, school equipment and good quality teaching are guaranteed during their entire studies.

Sponsor can choose a community sponsorship, or a specific child can be nominated for her / him. However, all funds, also from the sponsors with a specific child, are allocated to the the whole school community. Funding supports all children’s well-being, so also the children chosen individually will benefit from the support. Also a company, a class, a student’s union, a group of friends or workmates can become a sponsor!

Link between the sponsor and the children as well as the community is very direct in our sponsor a child program. We regularly stay in contact with the local community and report to sponsors in a newsletter.

School visit


One option to support Danakosha Aid’s education project is the Day's Work project. Four secondary school classes have already supported our project by donating the income of their day's work in the autumn 2011 and 2012. Our volunteers have visited these schools to give presentation about the life and people of Himalayan region and the purpose of our education project.

Do you know a school class looking for a charity for the Day's Work? Remember to inform them about Danakosha Aid's project! We will provide more information and materials to the interested. By agreement we can also come to visit your school to tell more about our activity.

Yak campaign


Our Free a Yak! campaign has finished in April 2014.

The background of our campaign has been in one of the most beautiful customs in Buddhist tradition: saving and freeing of animals that are weak or sentenced to death. Sparing any life is a precious and compassionate action, that creates good effects both for the savior and their surroundings. In Tibet, domesticated yaks have been traditionally freed to nature on special occasions. It is also relevant that the person, who has intended to sell or kill the animal, is paid a compensation. Animal’s life can be spared for example on behalf of a sick or deceased relative, as this improves the quality of the current or the next life.

In total 11 yaks were freed during the campaign. In November 2012 six yaks donated were freed during the celebration of Tibetan Buddhist Lha Bab Dubchen festival. The rest five yaks were freed in March 2014. When freed, yaks were gathered to a local monastery and blessed in a traditional Buddhist way. The yaks were earmarked with a cloth ribbon to show that they are freed and no one can hurt them. After this the yaks can live rest of their life years in freedom. As gregarious animals yaks seldom leave their familiar environment for good, but the ribbon spares them from being slaughtered or sold.

We thank all the donators!

List of donators with their dedications.


Verhot playing

Once a year we organise a charity concert to collect funds and share information about our project. Nomad Aid is a club evening where artists perform without compensation for the good of the project.

Previously Nomad Aid has been organized in Helsinki in March 2012 and May 2013. Performers have played all kinds of music from overtone singing to rock, folk and elektro.

If you are interested to perform in Nomad Aid or would like to help us to organise the event, please contact us via


October pic

In autumn time Danakosha Aid releases a wall calendar to collect funds for the project. The calendar of the year 2012 presented Tibetan culture with pictures. In 2013 the calendar was a collection of art pieces donated by international artists. In 2014 calendar pictures were made by artists Hong Liu-Sertti and Riitta Säkö with a theme "meditaton of impermanence". Read more about the artists and their works from our blog.

Artist Virve Lukka commented on her participation in the calendar for year 2013:

“I'm very happy to be able to support Danakosha Aid's valuable project by donating artwork to this calendar. Danakosha Aid is doing a wonderful job helping nomadic children to get an education. Through my own children I've been able to follow how learning to read and to write has opened up new worlds and possibilities for them. The children get excited about learning new things and enjoy their gained skills. I wish all children in the world could have the same possibility and it's great to be able to promote this idea!”

Once the new calendar is available, we will inform in Danakosha Aid facebook group and on our webpage! You can purchase the calendar by ordering it from our webpage, by sending email to, or pick one by visiting Museokatu 17 A, Helsinki.


Rinpoche making Tibetan tea

Danakosha Aid has participated in Restaurant Day in Helsinki already many times! We have served delicious Tibetan food in our menu: momo dumplings, thukpa soup and exotic butter tea.

Tibet Hut has been arranged in Danakosha Finland's place in February 2012 and 2013 as well as November 2013. Tibet Tent was pitched as a pop-up restaurant in Teurastamo in November 2012.

Each time our restaurant has been very popular, which makes us very happy and grateful to our customers!

Follow our notifications of the next "Tibet Hut" in facebook-group, our webpages and on the official Ravintolapäivä pages.


Have you come up with some idea how to support our project? We appreciate hearing new ideas regarding fundraising and other activities. Send email is or send message in facebook.



The Danakosha Aid education project was originally initiated by a Tibetan village community. They approached Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, a lama living in Finland, through their local monastery. It is common in Tibetan culture that local people put their trust the local monastery's spiritual and material help. Similarly the monastery is dependent on community's support. Because of this, Danakosha Aid will work in cooperation with the local monastery and the village community throughout the project. The common goal is to increase the community's well-being and to maintain local culture.

The community includes also nomads, who live in harsh conditions throughout the year. Access to education and health facilities are lacking. Families often can't afford to send their children to study, besides traveling to the nearest school can take hours.

There are 60 students studying at the moment in the education center built with support from Danakosha Aid. In 2012 a dormitory was built to accommodate especially those children and youth whose families live and work far away. In autumn 2013 two new classrooms were completed. The next building phase will consist of a common meeting hall and teacher's offices.

At first the teaching has concentrated on reading and writing. In future other subjects, such as environmental studies and health education, will be added to the curriculum. Teaching is given in the children's own mother tongue and according to local cultural customs. In the future the amount of pupils will be increased. The new spaces will serve as a place for educational and cultural activities for both the nomad children and their parents.


29. Toukokuuta 2015 - Maira Lindeberg

Danakosha ja Madventures lievittämässä Nepalin hätää

Olen käynyt Nepalissa melkein joka vuosi sen jälkeen, kun rupesin buddhalaiseksi ja liityin Danakoshaan. Tämä sekasortoinen pieni maa levittäytyy loputtomille vuorenpenkereille mahtavien vuorojonojen hohtavan valkoisten huippujen kruunaamana. Missä tahansa on hiemankin tasaista maata, siihen on pystytetty jonkin etnisen ryhmän uskonnollinen pyhättö. Jumaluudet ja henget ovat vahvasti läsnä ihmisten arjessa uhrausten vastaanottajina ja oppaina, sekä unissa että elävinä olentoina. Nepalissa minun on helppo nähdä aineeton itseni.

Suomen reissukansan ykkössuosikit Riku ja Tunna os. Madventures ovat telkkariohjelmissaan jäljestäneet noita näkymättömiä voimia ja niiden kansoja jo toistakymmentä vuotta, viidessäkymmenessä maassa, vuorilla ja viidakoissa, sielunmaisemissaan ja muissa vaikeakulkuisissa maastoissa ja saaneet mukaansa satojatuhansia faneja. Tällä tavalla, eri reittejä pitkin kulkien hullut Madventuristit ja Danakosha osuivat samaan mielentilaan juuri kun Himalajan ja Intian mahtavat mannerlaatat yhtäkkiä törmäsivät toisiina lounasaikaan, lauantaina 25.4.

Valtava maanjäristys, toinenkin, ja viikkoja kestänyt jälkijäristysten aalto, vapautti käsittämättömän määrän energiaa. Se heilutti maailmaa vuorten huipuille asti ja luhisti puolitoista miljoonaa taloa kokonaan tai osittain. YK:n arvion mukaan 8,1 miljoonaa ihmistä tarvitsee nyt humanitääristä apua ja 1,9 miljoonaa ruoka-apua. Vaikeimmin tuhoutuneilla alueilla on vielä 315 000 ihmistä avun ulottumattomissa ja 75 000 ihmistä ei tavoita edes helikopterilla. Yksi amerikkalainen helikopteri yritti ja syöksyi. Yli tuhat luostaria ja temppeliä tuhoutui täysin. Ainoana onnena onnettomuudessa oli viikonpäivä ja kelloaika. Suurin osa ihmisistä oli ulkosalla vapaapäivänvietossa, -paitsi monet äidit jotka olivat keittiöpuuhissa.

Yhteinen ystävämme Dayan soitti Lamagaunin kylästä: Pakko auttaa! -Lähettäkää hei, vaikka 15 telttaa...täällä sataa, ihmiset eivät uskalla mennän taloihinsa, ne ovat halki ...meillä on kylmä.

Parin päivän päästä alkoi tuhojen laajuus selvitä kaikessa kauheudessaan, mutta jälkijäristysten allon vanavedessä nousi myös mahtava myötätunnon ja auttamisen halu. Madventuresin FB-sivun herättämänä kymmenet firmat ja tuhannet ihmiset kautta maan lähtivät aid-talkoisiin ja keräykseen alkoi virrata niin rahaa kuin tavaraakin.

-En voi kuin sanoa että on liikuttavaa ja hämmentävää nähdä tällaista myötätunnon joukkovoimaa, sanoi Tunna.

Itse läksin Nepaliin. Veimme telttoja, työkaluja ja rahaa, jolla sai hankittua hyttysverkkoja, muoveja, kattopeltejä yms. mitä sattoi löytää. Nepalin hallitus pystyy tuottamaan satunnaiselta vaikuttavia päätöksiä ulkomaisen avun ottamisesta ja kieltämisestä tai verottamisesta. Tiedot päätöksistä vaihtelevat päivittäin. Siksi oli tärkeätä tehdä avustussopimukset suoraan avunjakelijan kanssa. Siispä teimme sopimukset paikallisten tunnettujen toimijoiden kanssa. Nukuin hyvin.

Jälkijäristykset tuntuivat ohittavalta raitiovaunulta kotinurkilla. Ihmettelin miksi talonväki ryntäili ulos. Lopulta ymmärsin minkälaista traumaattista stressiä luonnonkatastrofi voi synnyttää. Melkein kaikilla oli pyörrytystä. Osalla on vakavia psyykkisiä traumoja.

Autamme nyt Nepalia Danakosha Aid ohjelman puitteissa. Pääasiallinen yhteistyökumppanimme paikan päällä on Himalayan Joy Force NGO.

July 13th, 2014

Charity dinner with H.H. Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche

Danakosha Aid is hosting a CHARITY DINNER on 27th of July in Restaurant Grill it!, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, in Helsinki. Our very special guest will be His Holiness Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche!

Dinner includes delicious vegetable dishes:


  • Vegetable-quinoa salad
  • Fruit-halloum cheese salad
  • Roasted beetroot
  • Marinated olives
  • House bread and spread

Main Course:

  • Falafel steaks and herb-youghurt sauce
  • Rataotuille
  • Basmati rice

Coffee / Tea

Dinner card price is 50 €. By joining charity dinner you will support our education project.

Make your reservation by 18th July - number of seats is limited!

Read more about His Holiness Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche:

16th Feb, 2014

The original paintings of calendar 2014 for sale!

Some of the wonderful pictures of our calendar 2014 (the cover, April, January, February and March) are for sale as original paintings. The common theme of all paintings is "meditation on impermenance". The technique is combined photo and painting, rice paper on canvas. Sizes and prices: big one 41x33 cm 360 €, small 21x29 cm 280 €.

Also for sale Hong Liu-Sertti's photograph pieces. The techinique is painting on ice and title "delightful memory". Size 19,5x19,5 cm, price 100 €. The above mentioned artwork can be seen in Museokatu 17, Helsinki. For more information contact

Pictures of the paintings (click for larger pictures):

Danakosha Aid calendar 2014

The community includes also nomads, who live in harsh conditions throughout the year. Access to education and health facilities are lacking. Families often can't afford to send their children to study, besides traveling to the nearest school can take hours.

The calendar is the product of collaboration between Hong Liu-Setti and Riitta Säkö. The common theme of the calendar is “meditation on impermanence”. The topic of Hong Liu-Sertti’s paintings is freedom. She uses Chinese stamp art in her paintings also. The topic of Riitta Säkö’s photographs is impermanence. Some of the calendar’s pictures Liu-Sertti and Säkö have implemented together.

Size of the calendar is A4 and it can be delivered by mail to your home. The price decreases depending the amount of calendars ordered! Send e-mail to address and tell how many calendars you want to order. We will inform you about the price including postal fee. You can then pay the invoice to bank account FI3940550010120638. Please use reference number 1546. Calendars are delivered within two weeks after the order is payed. You can also come to pick celendars from our office in Museokatu 17,

1 calendar 15 €
2-5 calendars 12 € / piece
6-9 calendars 10 € / piece
10 or more calendars 9 € / piece
+ postal fees (see below for specific costs)

Calendar is printed on a wood-free paper.

Hong Liu-Sertti has graduated from The Fine Arts' Academy of Guangzhou, China. She has had many group and solo exhibitions in Finland, China and other countries. Artist’s personal website:

Riitta Säkö has worked 20 years as an advertisement photographer. During the years she has also had many exhibitions. Säkö’s work can be found ex. from the collections of The Finnish Museum of Photography.


15th Nov 2013

Painting donation by artist Malcolm Roxs

Danakosha Aid has received a painting donation from an artist Malcolm Roxs! The painting is for sale and its' profits will be donated to school project. The painting is titled "The Vision" (acrylic on canvas, 2011) and its' is size 45X60 cm. Price request set by donator is 1200 €. Please feel free to make your bid or ask for details

Malcolm Roxs is a visual artist and performer, born in Buenos Aires in 1980. After 20 years in San José, Uruguay developing and improving his art and airbrush skills he returned to Buenos Aires where in 2007 he started the Demolition Painting Show. In 2010 he took the show to Europe where he performs at festivals, private events, fashion shows, backstages and art forums. Today Malcolm Roxs lives in Moscow.

Personal webpage of the artist:


Danakosha Aid calendar 2014 is beautiful and poetic! It is a perfect end of the year gift for yourself, friend or relative, or as a business gift. All the profit from calendar sales is donated to our education project.

Summer months are the only possible time for building in this area. Summer 2013 was also the time when Danakosha Aid project took another big step: building of two classrooms. At the moment the building is still on going on. The classrooms will be finished in September-October, before the climate gets too cold.

Meanwhile, the dormitory buildings built in summer 2012 were painted in June 2013. See the pictures below the painting in process and the beautiful finish!

Right now Danakosha Aid is continuing fundraising with a Day’s Work (Taksvärkki) in Finland. If you know a school class looking for a project to support, please let them know about Danakosha Aid!

More pictures from the building work:


If you want to support our project or get more information, please contact us. We are grateful for your support!

Our contact details

Telephone: +358 (0) 9 587 8046


Address: Museokatu 17 A

00100 Helsinki, Finland

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