Sangha of Danakosha For the long life of Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche May 2012 1
Bebbe Krupp For the joy and happiness of all sentient beings May 2012 1
Patricia Mahoney For well-being of the Danakosha community Jun,Sep,Nov 2012 3
Janne Mertaniemi For the benefit of all sentient beings Jun 2012, May 2013 2
(Private) For the benefit of Finnish Association for Heart Children and Adults Jul 2012 1
Sangha of Danakosha For happy marriage of Mari and Joni Niemi Jul 2012 1
(Private) For Bjarne and his family for happiness, good health and great wealth. Oct 2012 1
Finnish Tibetan Culture Association Mar 2013 2
(Private) Good health and long life for Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche, Khenpo Pema Rangjung and family, as well as this yak. Enlighten mind for all sentient beings. Jun 2013 1
Faith Williams In honor of Margot Loines Morrow Wilkie.
May all sentient beings attain happiness.
Aug 2013 1